The Story of Serenity Hill Kennels

Founded by John E. & Constance J. Brennan, Serenity Hill Kennel has been family owned and operated since 1964.

One Easter Sunday in the late 1950's, Mom and Dad took our family to purchase a St. Bernard puppy.     The breeder had all the beautiful St. Bernard puppies in a pen, and they were rolling around and playing so cute. One frisky little boy got Colleen's Easter glove caught in his tooth as he was playing, and he pulled the yarn! This puppy was special, and he wanted to be remembered! That was it, we took him home that day, and we named him "Brandy". A little fat furry beautiful St. Bernard baby, and we loved him so. Brandy was             "A Gentleman In A Fur Coat".

Mom and Dad decided to join the American Kennel Club, and they chose Brandy's A.K.C. registered name as "Keg of Brandy Boy of Boston".

Brandy lived a long wonderful life with us, and was part of our family.

Through the years, our family went to many dog shows with Mom and Dad, and our prize winning "Keg of Brandy Boy of Boston". Brandy won multiple Blue ribbons and trophies, he was amazing and will never be forgotten.

Mom and Dad then decided they wanted to raise pure bred St. Bernards. They took Brandy to Shagg Bark Kennels in Bridgewater, MA to breed him . Mom and Dad wanted puppies that would inherit Brandy's wonderful placid temperament, strong build, deep black lined coat and superb markings.

We knew that surely Brandy would sire prize winning puppies, and he sure did! Our family kept one of Brandy's handsome sons and Mom named him "Samoset".  We called him Sammy, and he was definately his father's son, as awesome as his father Brandy in every way, except Sam's coat was short hair.

Mom & Dad had many litters of gorgeous pure bred St. Bernard puppies through the years, and each time it was so difficult for Mom to let them go. She cried as they left to go to to their new loving homes. If Dad would have let her, she would have kept them all!

Mom, never without a cat or dog near by, wanted to start a dog boarding kennel to go along with their breeding of pure bred St. Bernards, hence Serenity Hill Kennels of Plymouth, MA was born.

Through the years, after many litters of beautiful, healthy, pure bred St. Bernard puppies, Mom & Dad retired the breeding end of the business, and continued the dog boarding at Serenity Hill Kennels as it is today.