Our family owned and operated kennel business was established in 1965. With our Father’s support, and our family’s love of all animals, our Mom was able to work a career that encompassed her passion in life, “to love and care for animals”.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with excellent care for your pet.

Serenity Hill Kennel is heated for your pets comfort.

Each dog has their own private dog house with a door and a kennel run.

You are welcome to bring a familiar item to accompany your dogs stay, such as a doggie bed or a small rug that they are used to for their stay at the kennel.

Serenity Hill Kennels policy is for the dog’s owner to present proof of all shots within 1 year from your dog’s Veterinarian before your dog enters the kennel i.e.,



3. Parvo

4. Bordatella Vaccine-(Kennel cough prevention)

5. Lime disease

6. K-9 Infeluensa

7. If your dog is on a special diet, you may bring your own food for as many days as your dog’s stay.

8. Please do not bring any raw hyde bones.

9. Please provide emergency contact #s.

10. As per the Town of Plymouth 2012, kennels are required to be provided with; “Each dog boarded must be accompanied with a certificate proving up-to-date rabies inoculation and licensing from a municipality or county to the kennel.”

We accept dogs 25lbs+

Hours of operation are by appointment.

One day or one "overnight"  boarding price of $40.00.

If your dog stays overnight, check-out must be before 10:00AM or you will be charged for the following day.

Regular 2+ overnight stay rates are $35.00 per day.

All dogs must be picked up before 10:00AM on the date of check out.

Please call the Serenity Hill Kennel office during business hours to  make the reservation for your dog’s stay, and to obtain current rate information, (508) 224-8065 .

We look forward to caring for your dog (s)

Email;   SerenityHillKennels@gmail.com

                                51 Years of Excellence

Serenity Hill Kennels Plymouth, MA ~ Celebrating 50+ years of lovingly caring for your dog at our beautiful boarding facility. Each dog has their own separate house and run, in a quiet lovely setting. We look forward to a long relationship with you and your dog, and we always appreciate your referrals! Thank you SerenityHillKennels.com

Donations are appreciated to the;

The Helping Hands for the Plymouth Animal Shelter, PO Box 1042 Plymouth, MA 02362. http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/MA80.html  (508) 888-1186

Animal Rescue Inc. since 1976     www.AnimalRescueInc.org         Sancuary for Life P.O. Box 35 Maryland, MD 21105

229 Beaver Dam Road Plymouth, MA 02360 (Mailing Address; 225 Beaver Dam Road)

Contact Us (508) 224-8065

email:    SerenityHillKennels@gmail.com


The Story of Serenity Hill Kennels